Industrial and Commercial Plumbing Installation, Maintenance and Repair

F.E. Moran performs routine building maintenance to keep your plumbing systems working optimally and to help avoid plumbing equipment breakdowns. We offer design/build plumbing solutions and maintenance services that help our industrial and commercial customers keep their budgets in check. We do this through smart building solutions, in which F.E. Moran prioritizes efficient design that minimizes materials and man-hours.

F.E. Moran design/build plumbing solutions and maintenance solutions

Our highly trained technicians are available 24/7/365 for emergency services. A plumbing disaster can happen at any time, even with the best maintenance service, and F.E. Moran will be there for you when it does.

F.E. Moran Plumbing Services

  • 24/7/365 emergency service
  • Design/build construction
  • Water-efficient plumbing design
  • Preventive maintenance programs
  • Water main break service
  • Backflow testing and certification
  • Site utility construction

We also service, repair and install plumbing fixtures, pump systems and components, water heaters and more. Our services include:

We remove obstructions that block your pipes by using flexible cables with cleaning heads. The cables are capable of moving through joints and bends.  

Video Inspection and Sewer Locating
Waterproof cameras are used to inspect lengths of pipeline for obstructions and to locate sewers.  

Backflow Testing and Installation
We install, inspect and test mechanical backflow prevention devices to protect the facility’s water supply.

Water and Sewer Piping Replacement
We replace water or sewer lines that are too old or damaged to repair, keeping your water and sewer systems clean and fully operational. 

Riser Replacement
Our technicians have years of experience replacing the vertical and horizontal water supply lines that rise from one story to the next — with minimal downtime.

Faucet Repair
When their facilities’ bathroom and kitchen faucets leak or require replacement, our customers count on us for repair or installation of new ones.

Sump Pumps
F.E. Moran maintains, repairs and installs all makes and models of sump pumps. We are the experts in sump pump emergencies. 

Booster Pumps
We clean, inspect, repair and rebuild booster pumps, control panels and all components to keep water pressure at desirable levels.

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