Commercial Fire Sprinkler System Services

Fire sprinklers protect people, property and businesses, and they must be kept in top shape to safeguard those valuable assets. In addition to providing professional input to help you select the right commercial fire protection system for your facility, F.E. Moran Fire Protection offers turnkey solutions for commercial fire sprinkler system installation, testing and maintenance, using National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 25 as our guide.

We offer design, estimating, project management, purchasing, fabrication and installation of fire suppression systems. We prepare a custom plan for your facility that meets your needs, as well as all applicable fire codes and insurance requirements. F.E. Moran fire protection specialists use AutoCAD design and shop drawings of your space, so we know what areas to avoid during installation.

F.E. Moran Commercial Fire Suppression maintenance and inspections 24-hour emergency repair service, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Proper maintenance and inspections are necessary to extend the life of your fire sprinklers and ensure they work perfectly when needed. In addition to complete inspection, testing and maintenance services, we provide 24-hour emergency repair service, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

While on-site maintenance staff can perform weekly and monthly inspections with minimal training, quarterly inspections and beyond are best left to the experts. We perform testing during every quarterly, annual, 3-year and 5-year inspection to make sure the sprinkler system will activate if a fire ignites. The tester inspects the sprinkler for leaks, clogs and corrosion; makes sure piping is tight; cleans the nozzles; checks cylinder gauges and hydrostatic test dates; and more.

Any Project, Any Size, Any Degree of Complexity

F.E. Moran has the experience, knowledge and resources to undertake and complete a high-quality, finished fire suppression project — on time and on budget. Our professional engineers provide value engineering to ensure the most cost-efficient project. With multiple locations, we serve markets throughout the United States.

Suppression Solutions for Every Type of Facility

Wet Pipe Sprinklers
The most popular due to their simplicity and low margin of error. Once the heat-sensitive automatic sprinkler is triggered by a fire, the pressurized water within in the pipe begins to flow.

Dry Pipe Sprinklers
A better option in areas that can freeze. When activated by a fire, the dry pipe valve opens to allow water to flow into the pipes. Since there is a time delay, we recommend more sprinklers in the area.

Ideal for use in areas that can be harmed by water, such as museums or computer rooms. A preceding fire detection event is required for the sprinklers to activate.

Water Mist
For use in areas in which people and water-sensitive equipment are present. Minimal water creates a stream that controls the fire without damaging the equipment.

High-Speed Deluge
Best for areas with high-risk equipment that is not vulnerable to water damage. Sprinkler heads are always open, so the water flows freely after a fire is detected. 

Clean Agent Suppression
This type of system effectively extinguishes Class A (ordinary combustibles), Class B (flammable liquid and gas) and Class C (electrical) fires while protecting sensitive equipment. Chemical agents release gases that douse the fire, and inert gases lower the oxygen in the area to control the blaze. We design and install a wide array of clean agent systems, including NOVEC, VESDA, PROINERT, ECARO-25 and Stat-X.

Halon 1301
This gaseous flooding agent stops fires from spreading by chemically disrupting combustion without damaging sensitive equipment. Today, it is used only in fixed fire extinguisher installations.

High-expansion foam systems are ideal for Class A (ordinary combustibles) fires and are used in confined areas with containment barriers. With low water content, water damage is minimized. Low-expansion foam systems cover a large space, and the foam also smothers Class B (flammable liquid and gas) fires.

CO2 High- and Low-Pressure
Carbon dioxide systems work well in areas that contain delicate equipment. Such systems are very effective in suppressing Class B (flammable liquid and gas) fires.

Fire Pumps, Tanks, Mains, Loops
The fire water supply is vital for any water-based fire suppression system. Expertise in specialized connections, system elements and working with extreme pressure applications is critical. F.E. Moran is experienced in every aspect of fire water supply installation. 

Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression System

Every restaurant needs a reliable kitchen hood suppression system to safeguard the business from the devastation of a common cooking fire. Such a system releases wet chemical-extinguishing agents that react with grease to create a soapy substance that will not re-ignite. Not only does this saponification system protect your equipment from fire damage, it also shuts off the kitchen’s electricity and gas to prevent an explosion.

Because these systems are so complex, you need an experienced firm like ours to design, plan, install, test and inspect your new or upgraded kitchen fire suppression system. We also offer regular maintenance and repair services to ensure the safety of your employees and patrons while protecting your investment. 

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