F.E. Moran Pipe Shop

We opened an in-house pipe shop to provide high-quality, custom pipe fabrication. Pipe prefabrication allows F.E. Moran to provide savings to our customers by reducing on-site work crews, allowing for faster work completion. Fabricating in a controlled environment like our pipe shop reduces overall installation time and reduces waste.

F.E. Moran Commercial piping systems

Large and Small Bore Black Pipe Fabrication

F.E. Moran fabricates large and small bore pipes in-house. 

Facilities Save Time and Money — Production continues while we fabricate large and small bore black pipe off-site. Our streamlined process shortens your project timeline, saving you money and always time

Customization Is Simple — Every facility has different needs and unique requirements. Off-site prefabrication makes meeting those needs easy. As a fabricator, F.E. Moran has the human resources, tools and space to efficiently customize pipes for any facility’s needs.

Safer Fabrication Choice — Off-site fabrication decreases jobsite congestion, reducing the chances of accidents and safety incidents.

Medical Gas Piping Systems

Medical gas piping systems supply oxygen, nitrous oxide, nitrogen, medical compressed air (MCA) and carbon dioxide to designated areas of a healthcare facility. F.E. Moran personnel understand the needs of medical facilities and take all the precautions necessary to ensure the system is clean and safe for patients and staff.

Certain gases are distributed throughout a healthcare facility via a centralized medical gas pipeline system (MGPS) to provide a hygienic environment or patient safety and comfort. The most common distributed medical gases are:

  • Compressed air (medical and dental patient and lab use)
  • Vacuum (medical and dental patient use)
  • Laboratory dust collection
  • Waste anesthesia gas disposal
  • Gases (patient, laboratory and equipment use)
  • Oxygen supply
  • Nitrous oxygen supply
  • Nitrogen equipment supply
  • Carbon dioxide supply

An MGPS must be installed by an experienced professional because cross-contamination of the gas pipelines could be catastrophic. Currently, no national standards for inspection procedures exist; however, if medical gas piping is corroded or filled with condensation, serious harm to the patient can occur. Facilities should have medical gas piping inspected, tested and maintained regularly to ensure patient safety. You can rely on F.E. Moran for all your medical gas systems and services.    

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